Pacific Lasertec

Pacific Lasertec traces its roots to 1979, when Melles Griot formed a laser manufacturing facility in San Marcos, California. The company’s robust designs and vertically integrated manufacturing delivered the highest performance HeNe lasers in the world, resulting in a global market share in excess of 70%.

While solid-state technology began displacing some demand for gas lasers in the 1990’s, a very solid and profitable business has remained for this technology, due to its extremely narrow spectral line-width, long operating lifetime, outstanding beam quality and high-value price points.

Why Pacific Lasertec?

Melles Griot began to shift away from some of its component-level laser manufacturing in the past several years, which led a core group of former employees to form Pacific Lasertec in the fall of 2018 — and acquire the associated assets. With production beginning in early 2019, the company has not only maintained the majority of legacy Melles Griot HeNe laser business, but has also captured numerous OEM accounts formerly held by competitors.

We look forward to continuing the tradition that began in 1979, with outstanding quality, reliability and performance – at high-value price points. Completely dedicated and focused on this product technology, our technical expertise and service levels are unmatched by any competitor – guaranteed.

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