Discrete Analyzer – AQ300


Selecting an analyzer to automate your methods is less about choosing an analyzer with the latest robotics and more about how the analyzer design contributes to analysis that is equal or superior to the methods it replaces.
Analyzing environmental samples is more demanding than analyzing other sample types and requires a higher priority on very low detection levels, precision and reproducible results. These priorities can only be achieved when an analyzer:

  • Exactly mimics the traditional wet chemistry methods it replaces
  • Delivers “equivalency” to approved EPA methods
  • Uses approved spectrophotometric measurement technology
  • Includes the accepted and optimum EPA cuvette path length of 10mm
  • Uses optically pure detection technology
  • Delivers precision, reproducibility, and method detection limits
  • equal to or superior to the promulgated methods
  • Protects the measurement from signal interference
  • Protects samples from cross contamination and carry-over
  • Brings the chemical reaction to full completion and steady state

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With the addition of the AQ300 Discrete Analyzer to the SEAL Analytical nutrient analyzer family there is now a nutrient analyzer for every size laboratory and budget. The AQ300 Discrete Analyzer brings all the same benefits as the AQ400 Discrete Analyzer, but with a smaller footprint and lower sample throughput- ideal for laboratories with less space or smaller workloads. Designed specifically for nutrient analysis on environmental samples, it is perfect for immediate results on many different parameters from the same sample. In the AQ300 all samples are read in exactly the same way in an optical glass cuvette, giving you the best reproducibility, the lowest detection limits and a unique design that ensures no cross contamination even when ammonia, nitrate with cadmium reduction and phenol are run together. Designed specifically for environmental samples, with no compromise.


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Seal Analytical

SEAL Analytical, a Porvair company brand, is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of automated Discrete Analyzers, Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers and Sample Preparation equipment specifically for use in environmental applications. SEAL analyzers are widely acknowledged as the best-in-class and instrument of choice for monitoring nutrients in water & wastewater, seawater, soils & plant materials, as well as the quality control of industrial products, fertilizers and tobacco. SEAL Analytical has over 50 years experience in environmental and industrial automated analyzers. SEAL purchased Bran+Luebbe, who earlier purchased Technicon Corporation, the first to commercialise Continuous Flow Analysis. Technicon's AutoAnalyzer became the best-known and most successful Continuous Flow Analyzer in the world, and the instrument that most EPA methods for automated colorimetric analysis were written on and continue to reference. This experience continues to drive SEAL's development of flow techniques and automated lab analyzers for environmental and industrial laboratories.


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