Brinell Hardness Tester

Digital Brinell hardness tester is a high-tech and new product combining the optics, mechanic and electrics features, with a novel and pleasing appearance, direct-viewing display, stable performance and good reliability, hence, it is an ideal instrument for the testing of low load Brinell hardness. The instrument has 8 steps test force and 9 kinds of Brinell testing scale for arbitrary selection; With 2 sets of objectives 5╳ and 10╳ both can be used for measurement; Automatic shifting between the objectives and the indenter; Pre-set the dwell time of test force and regulate the luminosity of light source; Automatically display the testing indentation length, hardness value and testing numbers; The test result can be printed out by the built-in printer and with RS232 interface for connecting to the computer; According to the client’s requirement, it can be equipped with video measuring device and CCD image automatic measuring system.

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Application range: Suitable for cast iron, steel products, nonferrous metals and soft alloys etc. Also suitable for some nonmetal materials such as rigid plastics and bakelite etc.

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