Compression and Bending Test Plant ToniPRAX

Combined test plant for the standard-compliant testing of the compressive and flexural strength of cement and other binding materials, preferably for efficient routine tests of:

  • prisms 40 x 40 x 160 mm accord. to EN 196 / ISO 679
  • cubes 50 mm (2 inch)  according to ASTM C109
  • cubes 70.7 mm according to BS 1881

Accuracy:   Quality Class 1 / EN ISO 7500-1 / DIN 51220

Sizes:          Compression  300 kN / 600 kN
Bending         10 kN / 20 kN / 50 kN

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         Key benefits for the user:

  • easy programming and operation
  • delivery as ready-to-use compact unit: "Installation, Connection, Testing"
  • machine control and result evaluation by PC using the software testXpert
  • fully automatic test plant with microprocessor and servo-hydraulic control (closed loop control)
  • load frame for flexural stregth tests convertible for compressive strength tests
  • prepared for the connection of an additional load frame, e.g. a 3000 kN compression load frame for concrete testing
  • software and printer for automatic raw data printing available
  • option for the linkage with laboratory information systems (LIMS)

For the test plant ToniPRAX are various pressure plates, a wide range of accessories and numerous extensions available.

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Toni Technik

An Effective Partner: The Zwick-Roell Group Toni Technik is a member of the Zwick-Roell Group. The Zwick-Roell Group of companies is world leader in the field of materials and components testing. They have long-term experience and see themselves, as a medium sized company, especially responsible to your customers and prospects. The strategy of the group is to serve the various segments of the materials testing machine market with specialist companies and divisions. In 2004 the Group employed approx. 700 staff in its global operations, taking in total revenues of 94 million euros. In line with recent market trends, we have consistently driven the changeover from a purely manufacturing concern to a global service enterprise in the field of building materials testing. In addition to supplying precise, innovative, and reliable testing machines, we also offer materials test engineering, project management, operator training, calibration, and machine overhauls and upgrades


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