Fretting Testers

Rtec-Instruments benchtop high frequency reciprocating tester tests the lubricity of diesel fuels and screens the lubrication performance of engine oils, additives, and more.

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This next-generation HFRR testing machine uses programmable force control (no dead weights). Its unique flexure-based design, rigid platform, in-line friction monitoring at high frequencies, and fully automated test programs provide high repeatability and precision measurements. The tester comes with certified standard oil samples, balls, and disks. ASTM, ISO, DIN Compliant

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Rtec Instruments

Rtec Instruments develops and manufactures advanced mechanical and optical surface characterization testing solutions. As a result, our advanced technologies contribute to numerous research and industrial applications. We are a leader in analytical instrumentation. By combining analytical techniques, we provide a unique perspective in material testing. In addition, the user experience is vital. Therefore, we offer easy one-click analysis with pre-made testing recipes. But sometimes, one requires specialized testing. So we also provide modular platforms with customizable motion. Moreover, we strive to meet tomorrow’s research and industrial industry requirements.


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