Heating / Cooling Stages

We offer a wide range of Linkam Scientific Heating/Cooling stages for all your Material Science needs. For more information please follow the link below or contact us.


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We have a comprehensive range of Linkam temperature and environmental control systems. Follow the link below to find a solution for your experiment


Enquiry Email: webenquiry@wirsam.com


Linkam Scientific

We make scientific instruments that help you to characterize materials from polymers to cryobiology, our instruments are used for research by the world's most advanced scientific organisations and companies. Each of our instruments are designed and manufactured in house by our team of highly experienced electrical, software and mechanical design engineers. Many of our standardized sample characterization systems started out as an idea brought to us by a scientist either dissatisfied with what was available, or looking to create something completely new. We work very closely with the scientist, creating sketches, designs and prototypes which are continually refined until the scientist is satisfied. What makes us unique, is that we know very quickly whether an idea will work and can, in a relatively short time, provide affordable working prototypes all designed and built in house at our state of the art facilities in UK or The Netherlands. We have also worked with OEMs to design solutions for their analytical instrumentation. From AFM to Cryo TEM we have collaborated with the largest and most sophisticated technology companies in the world. If you have an idea for an instrument, we can design a practical solution to enable you to do the research that nobody else has done before.


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