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UV to IR, Low to High Power, Pulsed or Continuous, Coherent or Incoherent – We Have You Covered

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Products Overview


Spectra-Physics delivers breakthrough laser technologies and products that fuel our customers' success in demanding applications from 24/7 microelectronics and industrial manufacturing to bio-medical and advanced science.

#1 in UV (Ultraviolet) Lasers

With over 12,000 UV lasers deployed worldwide, Spectra-Physics delivers proven, high reliability UV lasers that advance the fields of mobile device manufacturing, semiconductors, bio-medical and industrial manufacturing.

  • >12,000 UV lasers deployed
  • Proven, high reliability for 24/7 applications
  • New levels of cost-performance
  • Broad portfolio of market-leading products
  • Extensive UV applications expertise

#1 in Ultrafast Lasers

As the industry's pioneer for ultrafast lasers, Spectra-Physics drives the advancement of ultrafast lasers in medical, industrial micro-machining, bio-imaging and scientific research.

  • World's largest installed base
  • Broadest range of ultrafast technologies
  • Widest scope of ultrafast applications
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • Pioneering ultrafast innovation

Broadest Portfolio of CW Lasers

Spectra-Physics delivers the highest performance and broadest portfolio of CW (continuous wave) lasers that span the spectrum.

  • Broadest portfolio - tunable and non-tunable, wide wavelength coverage, high power and compact low power, fiber-coupled and free space configurations
  • Highest precision and performance
  • Highest reliability and stability
  • Proven, high volume application

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