In Materials Science, the ability to understand how materials form, deform and perform increasingly requires imaging platforms to study samples in situ. Additionally, by studying the change or evolution of a sample non-destructively, micro-CT is often the first step in a multi-scale workflow involving subsequent modalities, such as electron microscopy. Our micro-CT solutions for Materials Science are specifically designed to facilitate high-throughput and dynamic CT workflows, expanding your in situ research capabilities.

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  • Multi-scale non-destructive 3D imaging optimized to maximize throughput and contrast
  • Fast scanning and high sample throughput with temporal resolutions below 10 seconds
  • A wide array of samples types
  • Enables dynamic CT for real in situ experiments
  • Improve productivity for synchrotron research
  • Modular and open system with unmatched flexibility for research



Enquiry Email: webenquiry@wirsam.com



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