MicroForce Tribometer

The Ducom MicroForce is an innovative new platform can be used for multi-scale testing. The patented MicroForce head is used to control test load with high accuracy and measure friction force between between the range of 10 mN to 10 N.

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The MicroForce, with its sub-micron resolution, is excellent for micro-scale friction measurement. This tool can be used for a variety of innovative tests including mapping the independent effects of surface force and deformation on interface friction.

Overall, the MicroForce platform is an essential tool for any lab that has an interest in multi-scale testing ad evaluating the effect of scale in tribology. The Ducom MicroForce head can also easily be integrated into various versions of the the Ducom Rotary Tribometers, Linear Reciprocating Tribometers and Scratch Testers.


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Ducom Instruments

Founded in 1978, Ducom Instruments has led the way in designing and manufacturing advanced materials testing instruments with a specialization in tribology. Applying cutting-edge technology and strong design principles to its products, Ducom focusses on providing customers with an excellent ownership experience starting with ease of use and maintenance. Our locations in the United States, The Netherlands and in India each have an in-house Research & Development initiative coupled with development partnerships with world renowned institutions. As a result, Ducom holds several proprietary technologies, copyrights and patents with additional filings every year. Many of these technologies are applied to our instruments, and work in the background so users can enjoy better results and user experiences. Our instruments use components that are manufactured in an AS9100:2009 certified “aerospace grade” manufacturing facility for excellent quality. We also designed and put into place an active and distributed customer support architecture, which allows our support team to address support requests in multiple modes which including remote support via video conferencing for quick and low cost support to personal visits by our engineers for full on-site support. Our instruments are operational all over the world. Research labs working on cutting edge technology development which requires advanced and highly configurable test systems to standardized quality control requirements which rely on highly repeatable systems to accurately monitor product quality test instruments by Ducom.


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