Minilab 1200 BOD System

Automating BOD

SEAL Analytical introduces robotic handling systems!

The Minilab 1200 BOD System is your cost effective solution for automating Biological Oxygen Demand.

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SEAL Minilab can automate the typical BOD analysis by automating*:

  • Sample pipetting, pre-dilutions, barcode reading
  • Bottle capping/ de-capping
  • pH measurement and adjusting pH
  • Addition of dilution water
  • Addition of the Nitrification inhibitor (ATU) and/or seed
  • Sample aeration
  • Sampe homogenization
  • Measurement of dissolved oxygen
  • BOD results are calculated and validated (according to required regulations)

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Seal Analytical

SEAL Analytical, a Porvair company brand, is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of automated Discrete Analyzers, Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers and Sample Preparation equipment specifically for use in environmental applications. SEAL analyzers are widely acknowledged as the best-in-class and instrument of choice for monitoring nutrients in water & wastewater, seawater, soils & plant materials, as well as the quality control of industrial products, fertilizers and tobacco. SEAL Analytical has over 50 years experience in environmental and industrial automated analyzers. SEAL purchased Bran+Luebbe, who earlier purchased Technicon Corporation, the first to commercialise Continuous Flow Analysis. Technicon's AutoAnalyzer became the best-known and most successful Continuous Flow Analyzer in the world, and the instrument that most EPA methods for automated colorimetric analysis were written on and continue to reference. This experience continues to drive SEAL's development of flow techniques and automated lab analyzers for environmental and industrial laboratories.


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