Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

DDS Calorimeters are the designers and manufacturers of the CAL2K and CAL3K range of oxygen bomb calorimeter systems. We offer next generation advanced bomb calorimeter systems with innovative technology and advanced features to suit your analytical needs.

Our calorimeter range is used to determine the calorific value of liquid and solid samples and is manufactured with various applications mind, including but not limited to : animal feed research, waste product analysis, explosives analysis, fuel and oil analysis, coal and coke analysis, food & nutrition and university research.

The DDS product range ranges from entry-level systems for low sample throughput, to advanced automatic systems that require little to no operator input. We’ve also introduced our University Package specifically designed for university applications as a cost-effective solution to your analytical requirements.

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CAL3K-AP Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System

AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM WITH MINIMUM OPERATOR INPUT – Our top of the range product is the most automated calorimeter with a repeat sample speed of 7 minutes. Faster speeds are available on request. The CAL3K-AP is used in factories and scientific laboratories alike and requires a minimum of space and installation. It uses no water and requires ~0.5 watt to operate.
APPLICATION : The CAL3K_AP is useful when a sample can be burned (ignited) and the released heat needs to be measured. It applies to food processing, feed stock composition, material and waste analysis, quality control, recycling and alternative energy harvesting.
OPTIONS : Multiple vessels, and multiple coolers to suit your application.


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DDS Calorimeter Systems are the most advanced automatic calorimeter systems available today. Digital Data Systems are the proud designers and manufacturers of the CAL2K and CAL3K Bomb Calorimeter Systems. DDS was established in 1972 by Klaus Ludwig. The original aim of establishing the company was to solve industrial and scientific problems using digital techniques. Originally, DDS specialized in sophisticated, data capturing equipment and scientific instruments. In designing, manufacturing and supplying products, DDS's company policy is to provide the customer with what he wants and for the best possible price. To achieve its policies, the company ensures that only trained and experienced staff are employed. The scientific department has teamed up with certain distributors who concentrate in the mining sector and other sectors who utilize scientific equipment in laboratories such as the CAL3K Next Generation Bomb Calorimeter.


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