Consumables and instruments for most aspects of microscopy for the Life Science and Materials markets.


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TAAB - Specialist Microscopy Supplies

We can provide:

  • Chemicals - Fixatives, buffers, embedding media, solvents, stains, probes.
  • Light Microscopes - Stereo microscopes for life sciences and materials.
  • Accessories - Light sources, filters, slides, coverslips, mountants, storage.
  • Histology & EM - Microtomes, cryostats, knives, cassettes, moulds, fixatives, embedding media, ovens, rotators, work trays, dishes, glass, knifemakers, brushes, razor blades.
  • Materials Science - Lapping and polishing, cloths, discs, brushes, pastes.

Diamond Knives

We are distributors for Diatome, DDK and Microstar diamond knives. We offer a complete service with advice on use, cleaning and advantages for cryo.

Grids - TAAB, Gilder, Maxtaform & Embra

TAAB offers a comprehensive range of specimen support grids from the premier manufacturers, available in a variety of materials and design to suit the most discerning scientist.


Enquiry Email: webenquiry@wirsam.com


TAAB Laboratory and Microscopy

TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd was founded in the 1960’s to provide a specialist service for TEM users, supplying fixatives, stains, embedding media, knifemakers, grids, tweezers and solvents. This range has now expanded to include consumables and instruments for most aspects of microscopy for the Life Science and Materials markets. Our product range covers thousands of items so please use our Catalogue ON-LINE or request a PAPER CATALOGUE as you wish. Click on the top right blue button Catalogue Sections and you can scroll through any section and print it off as needed.


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