Viskomat NT

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The Viskomat NT is a versatile rotational viscometer for determine the workabilty of fine-grained building materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. with a maximum particle size of 2 mm. You can obtain information on:

  • flow curves and rheological parameters
  • temperature dependent workability properties
  • stiffening behaviour as a function of time an stirring speed
  • effects of concrete admixtures and mineral blending agents on workability

Not only is all this information useful for the materials themselves, but tests have shown that trends established, for example, in mortar are reflected in the behaviour of concrete at full scale.

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Schleibinger Geräte

Schleibinger develops and produces construction materials testing systems for testing the workability, early strength, shrinkage and durability of paste, mortar, concrete and similar materials.


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