Vacuum Distillation

Iludest offers a wide range of products of Process Engineering Systems and Pilot Plants for the Petrochemical Industry

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  • Fully or partly Computer controlled Single or Combined Distillation Systems according to ASTM standards
  • Distillation- and Extraction Systems
  • Film Evaporator Systems
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Ab- / Desorption Units
  • Pilot Plants for Simulating Refinery Towers
  • Pilot Plants for Extracting Crude Oils with Light (Deasphalting) and Heavy Solvents
  • Reaction Units
  • Adiabatic Catalyst Reforming
  • Thermal Cracking Micro Reactors
  • Pilot Plant Units for Solid-Liquid Extraction
  • Delayed Coking and Visbreaking
  • Flash Equilibrium
  • Ozone Technology

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i-Fischer Engineering

i-Fischer Engineering® designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of thermal process engineering products for the petrochemical industry. With decades of experience, in-depth subject knowledge and continuous product development, the company has the credentials to supply custom-built semi-automatic and fully-automatic laboratory installations and pilot plants that meet precise specifications. We specialise in thermodynamics and chemical engineering. We design systems and equipment for the petroleum industry conforming to the international standards ASTM D 2892, D 5236 and D 1160, but we also configure one-off assemblies catering entirely to individual requirements, e.g. purifying lub oils, essential oils, industrial blended oils, etc. Furthermore, we are operative in the environmental sector, e.g. continuous solid-liquid extraction pilot plants etc.


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